Why need to have semi-permanent makeup?

*Reason One: no longer rely on cosmetics, anytime and anywhere to maintain the state of plain face.
Don’t need to worry about make-up problems, like eyebrows mismatch, eye make-up blurred, also avoid embarrassing lipstick prints when drink or eat, let you can go to work, date, and any social gathering with bare face confidently in 1 second after getting up

*Reason Two: time-saving
Keep your makeup tidy before you go to work every day especially for the friends who don’t even have time for breakfast after getting up is the best choice, no longer spending a lot of time on makeup, don’t need too much makeup, a little bit skin care is enough to get out of the door. Everything is done in a second.

*Reason Three: save cost and shape three-dimensional outline, perfect display of self-charm
Every woman has been tempted by all kinds of cosmetics, the cost and expenditure of cosmetics has been rising. Under the guidance of non-professionals, even if bought a large number of cosmetics back, but also put aside and abandoned. A lot of people make up, but do you really know how to wear makeup? But it’s really hard when you’re actually doing it. Because different people have different characteristics, finding the right way to make up is the right choice. Our professional design is tailored for you, suitable for your temperament, age, job requirements, and let you shine at any time, looking unique……..

*Reason Four: durable modeling, makeup protecting, makeup staying
A little less attention will let your makeup blurred in daily life. Some sports like swimming and beach exercise will embarrass you unconsciously and durable makeup can keep you fresh and natural even at the moment of getting out of the water.

*Reason Five:Very safe, no pain, no swelling, no foaming, no impact on work, belong to microadjustment, will appear more spiritual and has no obvious change from the previous appearance.

*Reason Six:Easy to modify
The effect of microblading can last one to three years, and when you once again set makeup later, you can choose semi-permanent solution on the color based on the age, even no makeup, you will still look beautiful and no need to worry about the problem of blurred makeup. Feel free to enjoy sunshine and joyness!

6D Natural ecological eyebrow


Three-dimensional carving eyebrow


3D three-dimensional Mist eyebrow


Gradient mist

Eye liner (one pair): $300

Lenses Line


Extended eye tail type

Before & After comparison

natural type


Peach lips contrast

Before & After comparison

Tender jelly lips

Crystal jelly lip


Fresh natural lips

Sexy roaring flame red lips