Golden facial treatment

Once: 120 10 times: 1000
Gold facial is the latest beauty therapy in the market. Gold facial is primarily preferred for reducing fine lines on the face and to prevent aging. Benefits: facilitates removal of toxins and wastes, assists lymphatic drainage , proves the blood circulation!mo. Enhances skin elasticity, accelerates cell renewal, reversesu oxidation damage.

Deep cleansing facial

Once: 70 10 times: 500
Deep layer cleansing, peeling, steaming, therapeutic massage, removed pimple or blackheads with vacuum or pimple needle, high frequency, applying essence with ultrasonic for deeper penetration to remove freckle pigment, wrinkles or moisturizer skin, base mask, soft mask.

Acne & oily treatment

Once: 80 10 times: 650
Deep layer cleaning, scrubbing, antigerms, steam, remove pimple or blackheads, high frequency, applying acne controlling essence for deeper Penetration, decongests and un logs pores of all impurities, acne mask and cooling thermo-herbal medicine for double care.toner, eye cream, face cream.Men can choose from an energizing facial or a complete skin-saver treatment


Once: 130 10times: 1100
Wrap yourself in the soothing citrus and bergamot aroma of the Bio Organique Clinical Treatment that gently enriches your skin while providing immediate and long-lasting hydration for a purely radiant complexion . It is an especially proficient treatment for dehydrated, dull, sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, and provides a relaxing, calming effect.

customized anti-aging facial packs

once: 130. 10times: 1100
This customized anti-aging facial packs powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents, reveal a more youthful skin as if you have turned back the hands of time. A mineral microdermabrasion of volcanic rock and salicylic acid will prepare the skin to receive the injection -like effects of our wrinkle filling serum . Continue with a facial massage with our oatented elasticity revealer followed by a collagen lifting ask to plump and repair the skin . The results -look years younger.

Rejuvenation Set

Once :100. 10times :800
Face detoxification care for sensitive skin. This facial nourishing care selecting fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, can help to restore water and oil balance of skin, relieve skin inflammation, provide effective antioxidant protection.

Microdermabrasion facial

Once: 120 10times: 1000
A revolutionary advanced physical exfoliation treatment that polishes fine lines and wrinkles , sun damage, acne scarring, and superficial age sports. Ultra fine crystals pass over the skin and are lifted away along with dull cells and pore- cloclogging impurities. Results are immediate, revealing a brighter skin with improved clarity and more even tone.

Moisture firming V-type face care

Once: 120 10times: 1000
When the skin lacks elasticity, “inevitable choice” can effectively firm, deep moisturizing and repairing, cooperate with whitening and freckle removal essence into the deep layer of skin, Germany collagen human skin whitening mask, can quickly restore the bright luster of skin, and effectively enhance the skin compactness, to achieve the effect of beauty skin and shaping facial lift.

Water & oxygen Facial

Once: 160 10times: 1400
This treatment effectively works on acne, sensitive skin and give the skin a new fresh looking, it mixes water p, medical oxygen and nutrition liquid completely and in a speed of 230m/s spray out and act on the skin. The mixture penetrates epidermis into deep dermis with 50-80/um tiny granules and cleans the follicle and sebaceous glands completely.

French GM Collin clear pox aerobic treatment

Once: 130 10times: 1100
Acne treatment benefits impure, seborrheic ,and damaged skin, It balances oily and problematic skin with infections, red inflammation and blemishes. it also prevents from future aches and blackheads and blemishes A revolutionary oxygenating acne treatment designed to clear skin congestion, detoxify , and revitalize fatigued , stressed and dull skin. Formulated with 2% Salicylic Acid (BHA), 15% Glycolic & Lactic Acids (AHAs), and an unique oxygen complex , it helps to control acne and hydrates in depth. The skin becomes luminous, healthy and younger looking.

Klapp C pure

Once: 120 10times: 1000
Klapp C pure is compact vitamin power. The unique formula that gives c pure its stable and enduring consistancy has a concentrated and long-lasting effect on the skin’s problem zones. Blocking free radicals, stimulating the stability of the connective tissues fibres. Stopping the loss of moisture. the active ingredients give the skin new elasticity, firmness and moisture. A product line with calming , balancing and anti-bacterial properties. The structure of the skin’s surface can be improved and free radicals can be fought off. The stimulation of skin’s own collagen production makes the complexion look smooth, tender and fresh.

RF rejubpvenation facial

Once: 160 10times: 1400
Effects: skin tightening, wrinkles reduction, antiaging, and cellulite reduction and remodeling. Cool RF wrinkle reduction system adopts unipolar RF technology. This leads to subsequent contraction of the collagen tissue, hence the loose skin and wrinkles are tightened immediately. Moreover, the thermal effect causes the collagen re-growth, reconstruction, and expression. Meanwhile, it renovates old and damaged collagen,realize the immediate effect of skin tightening, long term wrinkle reduction and ease anti- aging. The thermal energy cause the capillary vessels dilation to accelerate the metabolization of released fatty acid, which result cellulite reduction and remodeling .

LED light heat energy therapy treatment

Once: 120 10 times: 1000
LED light therapy uses non-painful intense pulse light to Penetrate into deeper levels of skin to actively heal sun damaged cells, restore collagen production, reduce redness and boost hydration level, no healing time necessary.

High intensity Focused Ultrasound/1500

Effect :
*Face lifting, wrinkle reduction, pore minimizing, fat reduction, tightening, stretch mark reduction
* Transducers micro- focus ultrasound energy below the skin to non invasively denature collagen
* Tighten and actually lift skin tissue without disrupting
the surface of skin by HIFU

Bio-lift Acne Treatment

Once: 120 10times: 1000
Refines skin texture and helps tighten pokes, normalizes surface oils and balances the PH of skin. Created for those skins that require extra help to combat imbalance and break out .Treats the problem areas separately from oil-rich areas to deliver effective result Minimizes inflammation and speeds healing problem areas.

The Bio-lift pigmentation treatment

Once: 400 10times: 3600
Effectively fade and lighten brown pigmentation makes on the face special VC fading and soothing from licorice root to gently moisturize and protect, and special VE helps VC effect skin texture and helps improve blood Circulation.

Bio-lift with collagen lifting treatment

Once: 120 10times: 1000
Helps to fight against slackening of skin firming and toning. restores skin elasticity. With elastic hydro state will postpone the atrophy of the skin and will aid in the reconstruction of elastic fiber. Hialron acid enhances moisture absorption.

Face Guasha

Once: 100. 10times: 800
Facial scraping is also called vascular beauty.As life improves, we eat some high fat, high protein and some hormones that are contained in food which toxin are produced and cannot be metabolized.We use natural essential oils and jade scraping tools to smooth facial meridians and get rid of facial toxins. Facial scraping can stimulate epidermal nerve endings and enhance its conduction function. It can activate the damaged and weak cells, promote and restore the function of self-secretion, regeneration and cleaning of the cells so that accelerate the excretion of metabolites from the pores of the skin, shrink pores, tighten skin, and smooth wrinkles and eliminate toxin. The skin will be from inside to outside transparent, white, pure…

GM,Collin Botinol Wrinkle Free Treatment

Once: 150 10times: 1300
Botinol, a clinical, non-invasive alternative to microinjections. This treatment uses a combination of peptides, Retinol, Alpha -lipoid Acid, isoflavone and Algae Matrix. Without Botox injections. Prevents and corrects lines of expression caused by microcontractions of the skin. The peptides int the formula interfere with the signal to the muscle that causes contraction, hydrate and tighten the skin matrix to give a tighter firmer appearance.

French GM.Collin

Once: 130 10times: 1100
Sea C Spa facial treatment:/135
A reactivating treatment that rejuvenates the skin by promoting collagen synthesis, replicating elastin & protecting against free radicals. Derived entirely from marine & botanical active ingredients. Sea C Spa’s unique concept combines a pure wits in C concentrate, moisturizing seaweed patches & an organic mud mask for unparalleled results. Benefits: immediate &a long lasting improvement of fine line &wrinkles, is a powerful antioxidant & restores the youthful appearance. Promotes optimum skin functions to postpone visible signs of aging.

Whitening collagen treatment

Once: 100
It is used for fast whitening results to help in the whitening process of freckles, age and liver spots, and other blemishes. It is excellent for irregular pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, which occur after an inflammatory chemical peels. It promotes blood circulation and helps the cell renewal process without irritation. The skin becomes softer, smoother, brighter, diminishing the appearance of facial wrinkles and influencing tissue regeneration.

Oxygen plus treatment

Once: 120 10times: 1000
Treat your skin to the same powerful benefits with this therapeutic facial. Oxygen naturally heals and purifiesthe skin, and enriched with high potency vitamins and minerals, this treatment will leave your skin glowing and healthy.

Anti-aging facial

Once: 130 10times: 1100
This special anti-aging facial treats the face, neck and décolletage includes a supersonic exfoliation to stimulate blood circulation, produce new collagen, and slow signs of aging.

GM long-lasting moisturizing care

Once: 130 10times: 1100
Penetrating into skin’s 3 epidermis layer, upper, middle and basal. To provide 3x more hydrating effect compared to ordinary counter moisturizers Vitalite’s prime missions to keep your skin looking awesome. Water-binding ability to prevent future damage from moisture-loss. Perpetuate continuous hydration and maintain skin vital Ph balance.

La Peau facial treatment

Once: 90 10times: 700
Our La Peau signature facial includes a deep cleaning, facial massage and layer upon layer of nutrition for your skin.