Body treatment

The advantage of exfoliation is that it can promote skin circulation and metabolism, make cell regeneration more smoothly and have skin fresh and soft. If the dekeratin milk containing natural plant ingredients can dissolve the aging cells of the skin’s epidermis, and has the function of mild friction, which can remove the aged horniness of the epidermis and agglomerate melanin and acne, improve the skin color and make the pores more finer, at the same time remove the aging dead cells of the skin, rough horny, which gives the skin delicate and smooth texture.
Many factors, such as environmental pollution, seasonal changes, abnormal body function, increased working pressure, staying up late, drinking alcohol, etc., slow down of body metabolism, result in horny cells can not fall off normally and accumulate on the surface of the skin. Because of the cuticle barrier, the body’s cortex cannot be metabolized, new cells cannot be regenerated, skin care products cannot be absorbed, the skin becomes rough and dark, so we need to remove the cuticle regularly. Exfoliation can not only effectively remove the old waste horny attached to the new skin, but also promote blood circulation, brighten skin color and relieve keratosis by massage.

Mineral body polish (Mineral Physiotherapy)

$100 for 45 minutes
45 minutes mineral body polish with one hour massage (choice of deep tissue or Swedish)
A gentle body scrub contains Rotorua hot mud and an exhilarating Lemon Grass essential Oil, in which hot mud, rich in trace elements, penetrates pores, cleans the body perfectly and keeps the skin hydrated naturally and lemon grass helps to increase circulation and restore fatigue. Natural fine salt is used to exfoliate the dead skin and energize the body. Regular use will restore luster to dry, dull skin,Body treatment.

The Rotaruya volcano mud

$75 for one hour
The Rotaruya volcano mud is perfect for activating the skin because its ash has a strong arousal and moisturizing effect on the skin. It will produce heat, promote blood circulation, and speed up the discharge of sweat and toxins and other wastes. The ash surface is highly active and can easily absorb excess oil and other secretions from the pores.

New Zealand volcanic mud

$75 for one hour
Volcanic mud and mineral content is very rich, good adsorbability, acidity and alkalinity similar to human skin, with all natural volcanic ash, no pollution, no microorganism, no chemical additives. Volcanic mud is applied safely since it is derived from Rotorua’s unique volcanic geothermal magma, 100% all-natural volcanic ash, pollution-free, free of any chemical additives.Its main ingredients are highly active clay on the surface, aloe and honey, which can absorb deep dirt from the skin and have a good cleaning effect on the oily skin, which is prone to blackheads and acne,and replenish skin moisture and remove fine wrinkles. Volcanic mud also has plasticity, viscosity, thermal insulation, and balance of oil secretion (remove acne), anti-inflammatory and scar softening effects. Volcanic mud masks also prevent wrinkles and early aging of the skin.
Efficacy: deep cleaning skin, the volcanic mud mask has low thermal conductivity, slow heat dissipation, good temperature preservation and good convergence. When applied to the skin, it can dilate the capillaries and enhance the blood circulation, which is beneficial to the absorption of nutrition and the removal of waste. Regular use can make skin absorb rich trace elements, prevent cell tissue aging, promote cell regeneration, strengthen cell metabolism, grant cell vitality, keep skin delicate, elastic, smooth and bright.The volcanic mud mask also balances oil secretion, prevents the formation of grease granular, calms inflammation and softens scars. Long-term use can effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles and saggy skin, so as to keep the skin in an ideal state of healthy, ruddy, and delicate.

Organic Physiotherapy

45 mins organic body polish with one hour massage (choice of deep tissue . Swedish or aromatherapy)
Made entirely of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs which have very active plant energy. The active ingredients can make the skin absorb them instantly to get the complementary nutrients and contain a multi-vitamin extract. Antioxidants help the skin absorb nutrients quickly and become healthier and brighter. Professional physiotherapists scrub the whole body for guests with organic mint leaves, seaweed and sugar, then apply the organic hot mud film, which is rich in minerals and antioxidants, can effectively detoxify the skin and reappear its brilliance.

Deep hydrating body treatment

$140 Once
This care will completely relax your body and mind, at the same time significantly lift and enrich the skin, make it have natural luster, create a bright and healthy skin color. Start from cleaning the skin, removing the dead cells from the skin surface, making the skin regenerate and soften to open the pores of the skin. Then promote the circulation of skin and carry out lymphatic detoxification therapy with the mixed formula of unique essential oil and natural vegetable oil which provides deep cleaning, thus restoring the balance of water and oil, making the skin full and bright, reactivating its luster and locking up the moisture of the skin.


An invigorating body exfoliation with organic aromatherapyskin line ,this treatment smooths and hydrates the skin and enhance your overall beings ,using herbal products massaged into skin to scrub away dry skin cells , leaving it soft &yonger looking . Followed by aromatherapy herbal linen wrap.

French Formula Body silkening

$100 for one hour
A creamy mixture of almond & essential oils massaged into the skin to renew its fresh texture. Gently buffs the most delicate skin leaving it body soft.

Paraffin body therapy

$180 Once
A smoothing paraffin treatment exceptional for aching muscles , arthritis &poor circulation . The
scented wax wrap firms , tightens & moisturizes skin while increasing elasticity

Milk and honey scrub

$70 for one hour
A luxurious treatment for your body, will remedy the effects of dry skin, the butter milk and almond combination helps to rid skin of dead, dry skin cells in preparation for the softening and moisturizing effects of honey

Breast firming lifting treatment

Once: 80
Applying microwave technology to increase breast muscle fiber activity, increase collagen produce , clients can expect to see an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the breast, elasticity increase in the breast ,improvement in the skin tone and texture.

Lip Polish

Once: $40
Scrub is mild, and the particles are melted in water immediately, which is good to remove the dry skin and dead skin from the lips and make it smooth and full.

Source of Volcanic mud:
In the New Zealand landscape, there is a strip of active tropics that cross the entire North Island: From the Pranti Bay active Volcano on White Island, westward through Rotaruya and its environs, it finally reaches the Ngaruahoe active volcano in Tongariro National Park in the center of the North Island.
Rotaruya is located in an extremely active geothermal area. The active, boiling mud pool is not only a good landscape, but also because of the rich minerals in it, the special essence of the mud is preserved in the production process.
The volcanic mud was first sterilized by a special procedure, and then purified, injected into trace elements of volcanic ash and other substances.The Rutaluya volcano mud is very effective in killing bacteria on the skin and can prevent and eliminate acne and pimple. Here are some of the deeper efficacy of volcanic mud:
Antiseptic:Killing pathogens without harming healthy tissue. Emit heat:elements such as silicon, aluminum and zinc can effectively activate cells, produce regenerative functions, and prevent scarring.
Absorption: the removal of infections and the absorption of excess fluids.
Sedation: a calming effect on local pain.
Balance: absorbs the necessary mineral salt from the body to maintain a physiological balance.
The volcanic mud in the product is made from mineral water rich in mineral salt. The volcanic gas and minerals in the mud all come from deep in the core of the earth, that is why the mineral content in the product is extremely high. Ordinary soil contains minerals, but Rutaluya’s products are abundant in this respect because they come from volcanoes.
The main minerals in volcanic mud include: Silicon, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, titanium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, etc. Trace elements include: copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum.