Eye treatment

The skin of the eye is the thinnest, with a thickness of 0.33 to 0.36 mm, so it is only one-fifth the thickness of the face, also the most sensitive and the most tired, the number of blinks per person every day up to 24,000 ~ 28,000 times according to the expert statistics; Eyes are the most fatigued of all organs in the body and also the most prone to wrinkles and aging. A woman’s first wrinkle begins with her eyes. The skin around the eyes is 8 years older than the facial skin, so the skin problems gradually emerge, like wrinkles, pouch, dark circles, corners prolapse of the eye droop, especially long hours of staying up late or working on the computer make the skin around the eyes more fragile. With radio frequency, ultrasound, botox promotion, eye Guasha, aroma therapy, and specific massage techniques, our treatment will be tailored customizing private eye care for you upon your personal circumstances, depending on the circumstances surrounding your eyes. You won’t see problems of fine winkles of eye , edema ,dark circle and muscle fatigue any more. It will restore your charming eyes…

Botox ophthalmic course

Once: 50 10times: 450

Eye Guasha course

Once: 50 10times: 450

Regeneration course

Once: 60 10times: 550

Ultrasonic ophthalmic guide

Once:50 10times: 450

RF Ocular contour remodeling

Once: 60 10times:550

Eyelash extension

Once: 60 10times:550

Silk eyelash extension


Fresh natural eyelashes


Barbie series


4D Japanese thick eyelashes


upper and lower eyelashes


Fresh and natural Mink lash extensions


Japanese style Barbie doll (perming the eyelashes )

Once: $80

Eyelash regeneration contrast


Why do eyelash extensions? Because the eyelashes are scarce.
Why do eyelash extensions? Because the eyes are dull.
Why do eyelash extensions? Because mascara agglomerating.
Why do eyelash extensions? Makeup is troublesome.
Why do eyelash extensions? Because I want long, dense, black eyelashes.
Why do eyelash extensions? Because it will make eyes big and bright.
Why do eyelash extensions? Because I have loved ❤lash extensions.